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Jainism is a religion which gives us inspiration and advice for a better lifestyle. It is a religion which shows the path of purity and peace to all. The principles
of Jains religion help us in understanding all facets of our life and to make proper use
of the available opportunities for further enlightenment.
For the benefit of English medium students, in accordance with my feelings, “ABC of
Jainism” was compiled by Shri S.L. Jain. The text of this book is revised to meet the
requirement of students. I feet that revised edition may be even more useful.
The efforts made in complication of this revised edition would be fully rewarded if the
students take full advantage of this work and learn the art of better living.
My blessing to the writer and all those who get benefit from it.
Muni Kshamasagar
Jainism is a very simple and practical religion. Jaina religion gives us scientific and
rational solutions for out life problems; by which we could improver our life style.
Principles of Jaina religion are universal and eternal. Jainism shows us the path of
purity and peace. For easy understanding of these principals, “ABC of Jainism” was
compiled in the year 1998 is appreciated by English medium students both in India
and abroad.
Reverend Munishri has been explaining the fundamentals of Jainism on the basis of
this book to the students during his stay at various place. During his discourses,
Munishri felt the necessity of adding some matter to make it more useful.
Accordingly, the text of the book is now completely revised under his guidance. I
trust that the revised edition would now be more useful for students desirous o know
the basic fundamentals of Jainism.
Munishri has devoted several hours in giving final shape to this revised edition. This
reflects his deep concern and compassion towards new generation. On my persistent
requests, Munishri has very kindly agreed to give his “Blessings” to this revised
edition. I am extremely grateful to him for this kindness. I cam only pray that I shall
continue to get his blessings in future as well.
In compilation of this edition, I have taken help form several books both in Hindi and
English. I am grateful to all authors and their publishers.
I expect all students, to take full advantage of this book and inform me of their vish
so that this book could be further made more useful.
I am thankful to the “Maitree Samooh” for cooperation. I am also thankful to Jaipur
Printers Pvt. Ltd., Jaipur for graceful printing
15 th April, 2003

  1. Namokar Mantra –Jaina Concept Of Prayer
  2. Tirthankaras- Preachers Of Religious Order
  3. Path Of Purity And Peace
  4. Jain Concept Of Karma
  5. Jaina Ethical Code
  6. Jaina Concept Of God And Universe
  7. Method Of Expression In Jainism
  8. Jain Concept Of Meditation
  9. Tirthankar Rishavdeva And Mahavir
    10.Bhagvan Mahavir
  10. My-Musing- Meri Bhavana
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Namo Arihantanam
Namo Sidhhanam
Namo Ayariyanam
Namo Uvariyanam
Namo loe Savva Sahunam
Question: What is Namokar Mantra?
Answer: Namokar Mantra is a prayer of virtues. By reciting Namokar Mantra, we
worship Arihant, Siddha, Acharya, Upadhyaya and Sadhu. They are known as “Panch
Question: what should be our feelings whiule reciting Namokar Mantra?
Answer: while reciting Namokar Mantra our wish should be to attain their virtues.
Continuous reflection of Namokar Mantra inspires and reminds us to achieve those
Question: Who are Arihantas ?
Answer: Arihantas are perfect souls with body having infinite cognition, knowledge,
bliss and power.
Question: who are Siddhas?
Answer: Siddhas are perfect bodiless souls, free from all karmic bondage.
Although Siddhas are spiritually higher than Arihantas, we pray Arihantas first
because they preach the religious order for wellbeing of all.
Both Arihantas and Siddhas are known as “Jinas”
Question: Who is an Acharya?
Answer: An Acharya is a head monk of the group of monks.
Question: Who is Upadhyaya?
Answer: An Upadhyaya is a teacher monk of the group of monks.
Question: Who is Sadhu?
Answer: A Sadhu is a monk. He is possession-less and devoted to selfenlightenment.
Namokar Mantra is a unique prayer. Panch-Parmesthi are the ideals for us to follow.
By reciting the Namokar Mantrs, we gain purity and peace.
Question: who are Tirthankaras?
Answer: Tirthankaras are those who have special capability to preach the religious
order or the path of salvation.
Question: Do Tirthankaras every time preach a new religious order?
Answer: No; The path of salvation remains unaltered over the time. This path of
salvation is preached by the Tirthankaras form time to time.
Question: How does one attain the rare status of Tirthankara?
Answer: As a result of continuous musing with right-faith for the welfare of all in the
previous lives, a soul attains the rare status of Tirthankara.
Question: What are the special celebrations of a Tirthankara?
Answer: Tirthankaras have five celebrations in their lives. Such celebration is known
as “Panch Kalayanka”. These are

  1. Celebration Conception.
    ¼xHkZ dY;k.kd½
  2. Celebration of Birth.
    ¼tUe dY;k.kd½
  3. Celebration of attaining monkhood.
    ¼nh{kk dY;k.kd½
  4. Celebration of attaining perfect knowledge.
    ¼Kku dY;k.kd½
  5. Celebration of attaining salvation
    ¼eks{k dY;k.kd½
    Question: How do the Tirthankaras preach?
    Answer: After attaining perfect knowledge, Tirthankaras deliver sermons for the
    wellbeing of all. The pavilion for delivering the sermon is called “Samavasaran”. In
    the pavilion everyone gets equal opportunity to listen the preaching. The pavilion
    provides shelter for all.
    Question : What are the Preaching of the Tirthankaras?
    Answer : Tirthankaras Preach about the nature of soul and universal love,
    compassion & harmony.
    Question : How do we differentiate between idols of Tirthankaras?
    Answer : Each Tirthankaras has an emblems. Therefore each idol can be easily
    identified by this emblem.
    Question : How do we decide an emblem?
    Answer : The emblem is decided on the basis of the mark on the thumb of the right
    foot of the Tirthankara.
    Question : what is the path of purity and peace?
    Answer : in Jainism, Right Faith, Right Knowledge and Right Conduct together
    constitute the path of purity and Peace.
    Question : What is the concept of Right faith?
    Answer : Right Faith is the belief in true nature of the seven Realities as they are.
    Right Faith consists in having belief in pure & perfect soul, passionless preceptors
    and compassionate religion. Seven Realities are:
  6. Jiva- living being (soul)
  7. Ajiva- non-living substance (Non Soul);
  8. Ashrava- inflow of karmic matter into soul;
  9. Bandh- bondage of karmic matter with the soul;
  10. Samvara- stop0page of inflow of karmic matter into the soul;
  11. Nirjara- Gradual removal of karmic matter from the soul;
  12. Moksh- Attainment of perfect freedom from karmic matter.
    Question : What is the concept of Right Knowledge
    Answer : To know the real nature of one’s soul is the Right Knowledge. Right
    Knowledge shall be free from doubt, perversity and indefiniteness. Right Knowledge
    reveals the nature of things exactly as they are and with certainty. Knowledge is
    considered prefect when it does not suffer from any wrong belief because wrong
    belief perverts both the understanding and attitude. Although both Right Faith and
    Right Knowledge occur simultaneously as a lamp and its light but Right Knowledge is
    the effect and right Faith is its cause.
    We gain Right Knowledge by studying the preaching of Tirthankaras.
    Question : What is the concept of Right Conduct?
    Answer : To remain fully and firmly engrossed in the nature of one’s soul is the Right
    Conduct. Withdrawal from the immoral conduct and devoting to the moral conduct is
    also the Right Conduct. Conduct becomes perfect only when it is in tune with Right
    Faith and Right Knowledge. Right Conduct includes the rule of discipline, which (i)
    restrains all movement of mind, speech and body; (ii) weakens and destroys all
    passionate activities and (iii) leads ot purity and peace. Right Conduct is practiced in
    two ways – Partial and Complete. House-holders practice the Partial Right Conduct
    and monks Complete Right Conduct as is described in the chapter of “Jaina Ethical
    Code of Conduct”
    Question : What is Karma
    Answer : Karma means action, deed or work. According to Jainism, Karmas are of
    three types- Bhava Karma, Dravya Karma and No Karma. Bhava Karmas are our
    thoughts and emotions. Dravya Karmas are in the form of matter. These are inert
    and life-less. These are very find and subtle particles and can not be seen even with
    the most sensit6ive microscope, having maximum magnifying capacity. Every
    phenomenon of life is the manifestation of karmic matter and its fruition. Soul enjoys
    the fruition of karmas through the physical body; therefore the physical body is
    known as No Karma.
    The law of karma is not the doctrine of fatalism. It is the moral law of causation with
    shows that the soul is the master of its fortunes of misfortunes.
    Vibrations in the soul occur as a result of auspicious and inauspicious activities.
    When the soul tries to do any thing, the surrounding particles of matter instantly
    cling to it just as particles of dust stick to the oily body.
    Our thoughts and emotions at that particular moment decide the strength and
    durability of the bonded karma particles. Like water in the milk, these karmic
    particles get completely assimilated with the soul
    These assimilated karmas with the soul remain throughout the life as well as in its
    migration from one body to another through the process of birth & death just like
    prints or impressions
    These assimilated karmas in the soul produce in the soul certain conditions, just as a
    pill of medicine, which when introduced into the body produces therein many-flod
    The assimilation of karmas with the soul results in obscuring the innate qualities of
    the soul just like sun light is obscured by thick clouds or blinding dust.
    Fruition of assimilated karmas result in meritorious or de-meritorious thoughts and
    emotions in our life. Thoughts and emotions cause inflow of karmic particles.
    Therefore, the cycle of assimilation and fruition of karmas continue.
    According to Jainism mundane souls in association with karmas exist from time
    eternal. Jains religion preaches to stop the influx and to gradually remove the
    karmas from the soul and finally attain purity and peace.
    Question : What are the main kinds of Karmas ?
    Answer : These are mainly of following eight kinds:
  13. Knowledge Obscuring Karma
    It obscures the Right Knowledge of the soul and thereby is a cause for different
    degree of knowledge.
  14. Perception Obscuring Karmas
    It obscures perception of the soul
  15. Feeling Karma
    It causes pleasure and pain to the soul.
  16. Deluding Karma
    It distorts the right attitude of soul in respect of faith & conduct and it is the
    cause of misconception and passions.
  17. Age Karma
    It determines the duration of life of a living being.
  18. Body Making Karma
    It determines every thing which is associated with the personality; e.g. kind of
    body, senses, health etc.
  19. Family determining karma
    It determines nationality, cast, family social status etc.
  20. Obstructive Karma
    It obstructs all activities when there is a desire to do; e.g. charity, amusement
    working energy etc.
    Question : How can we conquer Karmas ?
    Answer : Jainism clearly asserts that the attainment of the freedom of the soul from
    the karmas entirely depends of one’s own proper efforts and not on the favours of
    Almighty i.e. God, Divine beings etc.
    According to Jainism, first and foremost effort should be to follow the path of purity
    and peace i.e. Right Faith, Right Knowledge and Right Conduct.
    Further, one needs to remain peaceful at the time of fruition of Karmas. We should
    not get excited or get depressed at the time of fruition of favorable (auspicious) or
    unfavourable (inauspicious) Karmas. This would lead us to avoid bondage of new
    Karmas and dissociate pre-bonded Karmas. In addition, we need to follow the ethical
    code of conduct.
    Question : How can we get benefit by knowing Karma Philosophy ?
    Answer : By knowing the principles of Karma, one can remain careful at the time of
    fruition by keeping equanimity and contentment. This would result in stoppage of
    influx and bondage of the new karmas and reduction in the duration and intensity of
    the bonded karmas. We can thereby have a good future. Knowledge of Karma
    philosophy lies in providing a rational and satisfactory explanation of the
    phenomenon of birth and death, happiness & misery, inequalities in personalities and
    existence of different species of living beings. In conclusion, it could be said that
    present good deeds result in good future.
    Question : what is the Jaina Ethical Code.
    Answer : Jaina ethical code consists of the practice of Ahinsa, Satya, Achourya,
    Brahmcharya and Aparigrah. This is divided into two categories- those prescribed for
    the house-holders and those prescribed for the monks. House- holders follow this
    code partially and monks completely.
    Question : What is the concept of Ahinsa ?
    Answer : Ahinsa means non-violence or non-injury. For non-violence, we should
    have practice of compassion in every action. We should avoid thought of killing or
    We should be trust-full with our family & friends. We should be respectful toward our
    parents and should listen and follow their good advice.
    Bad feelings and thoughts are also violence and therefore we should avoid them.
    Similarly, avoid the habit of smoking, drinking, eating non-vegetarian food,
    gambling, committing crime etc. As these are all parts of violence.
    Question : What is the Concept of Satya ?
    Answer : Satya means speaking the truth to avoid falsehood. Our speech should be
    pleasant to others. Before speaking, our intention should not be to hurt others. We
    should not use hurting, harsh or impolite words. We should avoid falsehood,
    revealing secrets and deformities of others, backbiting, making false documents and
    committing breach of trust.
    Question : What is the concept of Achourya ?
    Answer : Achourya means non-theft. To take anything, which is not given or does
    not belong to us is theft. To grab or to give other’s deposits, left over or forgotten
    wealth of others are forms of theft. To give instructions for making theft, receiving
    the stolen property, blank marketing and smuggling, adulteration, keeping false
    measurements and weights are all included in the theft. In the family also, if we use
    anything belonging to other family members without their consent, should also be
    avoided. By chance if we happen to use money etc. of other family members without
    their consent, it needs to be brought in their knowledge at the earliest with
    necessary explanation seeking pardon.
    Question : What is the concept of Brahmcharya ?
    Answer : Brahmacharya means chastity or celibacy Practice of chastity can be
    attained by purity of relations. We should treat our elders equal to our father or
    mother, of our equal age as our brother or sister and younger ones as our son or
    daughter. We should avoid vulgarity.
    Question : what is the concept of Aparigrah ?
    Answer : Aparigrah is the practice of contentment. We should not collect
    unnecessary things. For example, we should not make unnecessary collection of
    garments etc. in several hundred pieces for use. We should not have greed and feel
    jealous by other prosperity. If we happen to earn more than our limits, we should
    use the excess amount for charity like distribution of medicines, spread of
    knowledge, in making provisions for saving life in danger and in feeding hungry &
    Question : What is the ethical code for a house holder ?
    Answer : Six daily activities for a house-holder are:
  21. Worship of Jaina;
  22. Worship of preceptors;
  23. study of religious scriptures;
  24. practice of self-control;
  25. practice of austerities; and
  26. charity
    a religious house holder should have following eight principal attributes:
  27. Not to use alcoholic drinks;
  28. not eat non-vegetarian food
  29. not to use honey;
  30. not eat after sun-set;
  31. not eat five types of glomerule (clustered flower head) fig fruits;
  32. to be compassionate towards all living beings;
  33. to drink filtered water and
  34. to have reverence towards five supreme souls.
    Jains house-holders are expected in their daily life observance of the following five
  35. Practice of non-violence;
  36. Practice of speaking truth;
  37. Practice of non-theft;
  38. Practice of celibacy;
  39. Practice of contentment;
    Question : What is the Jaina Ethical code for monk ?
    Answer : Monks remain free from all types of the objective violence (Dravya Hinsa)
    as they do not hurt or kill any living being. They are free from passionate feelings
    and therefore they are immune from the subjective violence (Bhava Hinsa). They do
    not tell lie (falsehood). They do not accept anything if not offered to them. They
    follow complete chastity or celibacy and remain engrossed in the nature of pure soul.
    Monks remain free from internal and external possessions.
    They move carefully with compassion. They speak truth for the welfare of all, to the
    point and sweet. Monks accept meals with any infirmities, only for enhancement of
    their penance from a religious house-holder only. They pick up and place helping
    implements for sanitation, knowledge and self-restraint (Kamandalu, Shashtra and
    Pichhi) after careful examination. They discharge carefully excreta, urine, cough etc.
    on clean spot free from insects. Monks do not feel attachment or aversion in liking
    and disliking taste, colour, smell, touch and sound to attain the status of the victor of
    five senses.
    Monks practice religious meditation, recite prayer of all Tirthankaras and also any
    one Tirthankar. They always remain engaged in renunciation, in performing selfintrospection and give up attachment with the body.
    They do not take bath, do not brush their teeth and do not use any cloth to cover
    their bodies. They take short sleep on the ground, wooden planks, mates etc. Monks
    take their food from their palms in the standing posture only once in a day. They pull
    out their hairs of the head and the face.
    Monks perform penance of twelve kinds observe ten kinds of Dharma and always try
    to follow three religious jewels.
    Question : What is the value of the Jaina ethical code ?
    Answer : The Jaina ethical code is of great social value because the practice of this
    code is intended to have good social order and equality in society through proper
    distribution of wealth.
    Question : What is the Jaina Concept of God and universe ?
    Answer : In Jainism all liberated soul are considered as God. God possesses present
    past and future unique knowledge of universe. But the god does not play any role in
    design and operation of the universe. Jainas do not believe in the Supreme Being
    responsible for creating designing or operating this universe.
    Question : What is the concept of universe in Jainism ?
    Answer : According to Jainism, universe has no beginning and no end. The universe
    consists of two types of substances- living and non living. Both type of substances
    have always existed and would continue to exist eternally in the universe.
    Question : What are living beings ?
    Answer : Living beings are those who are sentient and have the capacity of
    perception and knowledge. Living beings are of two kinds; namely worldly and
    liberated. The worldly living beings have their bodies, sense orans and power of
    reparation. They undergo birth and death and feel pleasure and pain. Liberated souls
    are the pure souls, free from pleasure and pain, birth and death and all other
    mundane impurities.
    Question : What are non-living substances ?
    Answer : Non-living substances are non-sentient. There are five kinds of non-living
    substances :
  40. Matter : possessing colour, taste, smell and touch.
  41. Medium of Motion : an immaterial substance, which assists in movement of
    living beings and matter just like water helping the fish in its movement.
  42. Medium of Rest : an immaterial substance, which assists living beings and
    matter in the state of rest just like a shadow of tree for a traveler to take
  43. Space : an immaterial substance, which accommodates all livings beings and
    non living substances.
  44. Time : an immaterial substance, which helps in maintaining and measuring all
    the changes.
    Question : What is the logical explanation for various activities and changes
    happening in the universe ?
    Answer : According to Jainism, it is the nature of all substances to undergo the
    process of creation, destruction and maintaining its intrinsic nature. A living beings
    undergoes continuous transformation, always staying in the state of living being. A
    matter always stays in the state of matter. A matter is never transformed into a
    living being and a living being never into a matter. The presence of a particular
    nature in a substance suited to a particular change is an essential factor for that
    change to happen in that substance. For example, a substance can be burnt only if it
    has the ability to be burnt; otherwise not. After burning, it transforms into ash from
    but it continues to remain a matter. It is like energy that can not be created or
    destroyed but could be changed in different forms.
    Question : What are the methods of expression in Jainism ?
    Answer : The effective method of expression in Jainism is through ‘Anekant’ and
    Question : What is the concept of Anekant in Jainism /
    Answer : The word “Anekant” consists of two words “Anek” and “Ant”. “Anek” means
    many and “Ant” means attributes. The word Anekant means that each entity has
    many attributes. In other words, appreciation of many-fold attributes of an entity is
    Anekant. For example, a person is a father, son, brother etc. at the same time in fact
    reality is many-fold in nature.
    Question : What Svadvad ?
    Answer : Svadvad consists of two word- “Syad” meaning “from point of view” or “in
    relation to” and “Vad” meaning “description”. Thus Svadvad means a process of
    relative description. Svadvad means a process of relative description. As Svadvad
    explores one part of the truth from one point of view of view and therefore it allows
    the scope of accepting the other part of the truth from another point of view. For
    example all our family relations are relative i.e. father, mother, son etc. No single
    word can convey all the attributes of a thing at one time. If a thing is described in
    words, it would be at the most a partial description and not in its entirety. Thus the
    concept of Svadvad builds our patience to appreciate different view points of reality.
    Anekant is concerned with the different but opposite attributes whereas Svadvad is a
    process of expression/ description of differing view points.
    Question : How are Anekant and Svadvad effective methods in life ?
    Answer : Anekant and Svadvad aims to unite, coordinate, harmonize and synthesize
    the individual view points in the predictable whole. These methods are applicable at
    all levels – individual, racial, sectarian, national and international for resolving the
    conflicts and contradictions of individuals as well as masses. Everyone wants peace,
    happiness and freedom but each one has differing attitudes and approach towards
    life. Inspite of such differences. When we think that we are only right or we alone are
    true, then only conflict arises. The logic of our being true or right gives rise to false
    pride, enmity, sarcasm etc. According to Jainism, our understanding of truth is
    dependent on capability of our attitude and approach. Knowledge through sense
    organs is incomplete and short. Under these circumstances, how can be claim that
    we alone know the truth and the path followed by us is only right ?. the solution of
    these differing attitudes and thinking lies in the application of Anekant and Svadvad.
    We should apply these in our families. To have different opinions in a family is quite
    common. Foe example, if any one member of the family takes the help of Anekant
    and Svadvad and says to other member as to what he thinks and that he feels that
    he is right but it is possible that thinking of other family members may also be right
    and as such we should re-consider our approach on the subject. This is the effective
    method of resolving differences.
    Question : what is the Jaina concept of meditation ?
    Answer : in Jainism, meditation means concentration of mind on a particular object.
    When the mind concentrates on a moral or a religious object, it is known as a
    religious mediation and when the mind concentrates on mundane object(s), it is
    called immoral concentration.
    Question : What are the types of immoral concentration ?
    Answer : immoral concentration is of two types evil concentration and wicked
    concentration. In the adverse circumstances, we remain continuously worried to get
    rid off those circumstances. In the absence of mundane pleasure objects, we remain
    continuously worried to get them. When we suffer with any disease or body pain, we
    suffer with any disease or body pain, we remain continuously worried to get rid off
    the same. We also remain worried for getting future mundane pleasures. All these
    type of continuous worries and feelings of sadness are termed as evil concentration.
    To enjoy and remain continuously engaged in the planning of violent activities
    falsehood, theft and collection of objects of mundane pleasures etc. all these are
    termed as wicked concentration.
    Question : How do we remain engaged in moral or religious meditation ?
    Answer : Religious meditation is a practice of equanimity in pleasure and pain.
    Religious concentration consists of repeated reflection on nature of the world, the
    physical body and mundane pleasures. In addition, one concentrates on the virtues
    of Panch Parameshthi by continuous recitation of Namokar Mantra. Twelve type of
    repeated reflections are helpful in religious meditation.
    Repeated reflections make a deep impact on our mind like the qualitative change
    occurring in water on its repeated heating and cooling. These repeated reflections
    make qualitative changes in our conscious state. Our behavior starts changing. As a
    matter of fact these reflections are the right kind of experiments of our thought
    energy. These are capable of reducing the perplexity of our thinking and to provide
    the right direction to our thought process. These are the best techniques of thought
    refinement. These result in removal of our perverse thinking, reduction of our
    delusion and to get natural feelings of renunciation.
    Twelve repeated reflections are :
  45. Anitya Anupreksha :
    All alliance relations and alliance modifications in this world are transitory. To
    have repeated reflection of this is Anitya Anupreksha.
  46. Asharam Anupreksha :
    No Mantra, Tantra or medicine can save us from death. Even the heavenly
    beings, who are said to be immortal, have to die on completion of their life span.
    If any thing can save us from the pain or birth and death, it is only the Vitrag
    Dharm. This is the only shelter; nothing else is the shelter in this world.
  47. Sansar Anupreksha;
    As a result of fruition of the bonded karmas mundane soul takes different life
    forms at different times like an actor. After being a father, the same soul in
    future becomes its brother, son or grandson. Similarly after becoming mother, it
    becomes its sister, wife or daughter. After becoming master, it becomes its
    servant or vice versa. Like this, the wandering soul does not attain peace
    anywhere in this world. To have repeated reflection on the nature of this world is
    Sansar Anupreksha.
  48. Aekatva Anupreksha :
    “I born alone; I die alone: I bond karmas alone and enjoy their fruition alone. No
    relation can reduce or remove pain of birth, old age and death. Only religion is
    my help and it continues to remain with me in my transmigration also”. To have
    repeated reflection in this manner is Aekatva Anupreksha.
  49. Anyatva Anupreksha :
    To have repeated reflection about the soul being separate form the body and all
    other substances is Anytva Anupreksha.
  50. Ashuchitva Anupreksha :
    The body is very impure by its nature. It is not possible to remove its impurity by
    taking bath or using fragrant substances. The soul existing within the body can
    attain purity by having Right Faith, Right Knowledge and Right Conduct. To have
    repeated reflection in this manner is Ashichitva Anupraksha.
  51. Ashrava Anupraksha :
    Influx of Karmas is a cause for suffering in this life as well as in future lives. This
    influx is devastating like flood in a mighty river. The influx is always due to
    attachment, aversion and delusion, by which the soul always suffers in the form
    or killing, hurting, defamation etc. to have repeated reflection on the adverse
    effects of the influx of karmas in Ashrava Anupreksha.
  52. Sanver Anupreksha :
    By plugging the leakage of a boat, a traveler reaches safely its destination;
    likewise a soul can attain its goal of salvation by stopping the influx and bondage
    of karmas. To have repeated reflection in this manner on the good aspects of
    stoppage of influx is Sanver Anupreksha.
  53. Nirjara Anupreksh :
    Dis-sociation of bonded karmas is Nirjara. Nirjara is of two types – (i)
    Dissociation of karmas at the appropriate time of their fruition is known as
    Savipak Nirjara. This continues to take place all the time by all living beings in all
    the four life-forms. (ii) Dissociation of bonded karmas before their time of fruition
    through penance is known as Avipak Nirjara. Savipak Nirjara is not at all helpful
    for emacipation of soul. Only Avipak Nirjara is helpful. To have repeated
    reflection on the merits and de-merits of Nirjara is Nirjara Anupreksha.
  54. Lok Anupreksh :
    To have repeated reflection by examining the nature of universe and six
    substances existing the universe is Lok Aupreksha.
    11.Bodhi-Durlav Anupreksha :
    To have repeated reflection that attainment of omniscience is the rarest of the
    rare achievement is Bodhi-Durlav Anupreksha.
  55. Dharm anupreksha.
    Right Faith, Right knowledge, Right conduct Penance etc. all together constitute
    the religion. Religion leads us to attain spiritual Bliss. To have repeated reflection
    in this manner is Dharm Anupreksha.
    This is the idol of the first Jain Tirthankar Rishavdeva and last Tirthankar
    Bhagwan Mahavir. Rishavdeva was born in Ayodhya. His father was king
    Nabhiraya and mother Marudevi. He was first to teach with harmless methods the
    art of agriculture, trade & industry, study of different kinds of are, science &
    technology. Therefore he is known as “Prajapati” (Lord of all persons). After
    performing penance, he got salvation from mount Kailash.
    Our country is known as “Bharat Varsh” after his son Chakravarti Bharat.
    Attractive and magnificent idol of his second son Bahubali at Shravanbelogla is
    world famous in the name of Gomateshwar Bahubali.
    Bhagwan Mahavir was born in Kundgram. His father was king Siddharth and
    mother Trishla. He was not married. He performed penance after giving up the
    majestic grandeur; he attained self- knowledge and preached for welfare of all.
    He attained salvation form Pavapuri. We celebrate his salvation in the forma of
    Dipavali festival.
    “there is evidence to show that so far back as the first century B.C. there were
    people who were worshipping Rishabhadeva, the first Tirthankara. There is no
    doubt that Jainism prevailed even before Vardhmana or Parsvanath. The
    Yajurveda mentions the names of three Tirthankars Rishabha, Ajitnath and
    Aristanemi. The Bhagavata Puran endorses the view that Rishabha was the
    founder of Jainism”.
    CHAPTER 10
    The birth name of Bhagwam Mahavir was Vardhman. The name of his father was
    king Siddharth. Mother’s name was Queen Trishla Devi. He was born in
    Kundgram of Veshali on Chetra Shukla 13 th. He was very lucky by birth. His
    heart was filled with wellbeing for all. Therefore he attained the status of a
    When he was born, his birthday was celebrated by celestials. Bhagwan Mahavir
    was very attractive by birth. He used to speak very sweet. He used to by
    affectionate. Therefore everyone liked him.
    Bhagwan Mahavir was very intelligent in his childhood. He solved even difficult
    problems with ease. Once, his friends came to his palace to meet him. He was on
    the fourth floor. Friend inquired from his mother about him. Mother replied that
    he was upstairs. All friends reached the upper floors and asked his father about
    him. His father replied that he was downstairs, the friends were confused. At last,
    they could search Vardhman on the fourth floor and asked him about the
    different answers given by his parents. Vardhman counseled them that the
    parents have given the correct answers. The mother was on second floor and
    therefore, with respect to her he was upstairs. The father was on the sixty floor
    and therefore with respect to him he was downstairs. He said to his friends that
    the truth was always relative.
    Bhagwan Mahavir was very generous & moral from his childhood. He never hurt
    anyone. He always spoke truth. He never had any feelings off stealing. He never
    had any bad sexual feelings. He never collected un-necessary things with greed.
    Children! We should also try to become generous and kind.
    Bhagwan Mahavir was very pious from his childhood. Two monks-Sanjay and
    Vijay got the answer of their questions only by seeing him. Therefore, one of his
    name was “Sanmati”. Children! To have pious feelings with intelligence is called
    “Sanmati”. We must keep our feelings pure.
    Bhagwan Mahavir was very brave in his childhood. He conquered a mad elephant
    with his affectionate feelings. Therefore, he was also named as “Veer”. Children!
    To conquer the heart of all with affection is bravery.
    Bhagwan Mahavir was quite fearless in his childhood. Once Sangam Deva come
    in the form of a snake. He started playing with the snake fearlessly. Therefore he
    was also named as “Mahavir” children! One who provides assurance of protection
    to all and does not frighten anyone is called “Fearless” or “Audacious”.
    One day Bhagwan Mahavir was filled with the feelings of renunciation. He refused
    to marry and left his palace because he wanted to acquire real happiness and
    wanted to show the path of purity & peace for all. He became a Digamber monk
    and left all the comforts of life, even cloths and all other objects of mundane
    pleasure. His renunciation was praised by all. Children! Those, who give up their
    all the comforts of life with strong spiritual inclination and with feelings to do
    good for all, are called “Great”.
    Bhagwan Mahavir performed difficult penance as monk. He was very firm and
    steady in his penance. “Sthaanu Rudra” caused lot of calamity to disturb him but
    he remained stable in his meditation. Therefore one of hes names was “Ativir”.
    Children! Not to deviate form one’s real path and to forebear all difficulties in the
    path of purity & peace is the bravery.
    Bhagwan Mahavir continued his penance for twelve years. Like the purification of
    gold with the help of fire his soul became pure under the fire of meditational
    penance. He attained complete knowledge. He became omniscient. His soul
    became pure. He was called Arihant Bhagwan. Every body benefited form his
    preaching. In his religious assembly, all forms of living beings used to assemble.
    All human beings came. Celestials came. Dogs & cats used to sit in his religious
    assembly peacefully forgetting their intrinsic enmity. All living beings were able to
    understand the preaching of Bhagwan Mahavir. Children! Everyone can
    understand the language of love and compassion.
    Bhagwan Mahavir preached all for thirty years at different places. He attained
    salvation on the morning of Kartik Krishna 15th (Amavasya ) at Pawapur. The
    occasion was celebrated as the Dipavali festival. In the morning, we Jains
    warship Bhagwan Mahavir with sweets ( Nirvan Ladu ) and light lamps. Children!
    We should get inspiration from the life sketch of Bhagwan Mahavir and try to
    improve our own lives.
    Exercise :
  56. Tell the birth name of Bhagwan Mahavir.
  57. Remember the name of His parents.
  58. Tell the five names of Bhagwan Mahavir.
  59. Bhagwan Mahavir was very intelligent. Narrate the connected story of his life.
  60. Narrate different events resulting in his five different names.
  61. From which place did Bhagwan Mahavir attain salvation?
  62. How the day of his salvation celebrated by Jains?
    CHAPTER 11
    My god is one who has conquered all attachments, aversions, passions, anger
    etc., who knows the entire universe and has preached the path of salvation to the
    world. We may call him by the name of Buddha, Mahavir, Jin, Hari, Har, Brahma
    or call him by any other name. I pray that I may continue to be engrossed in
    reverence of such God who is beyond attachment- aversion, is Omniscient and
    preaches for the welfare of all other beings.
    Knowledgeable monks, having no desire to possess mundane pleasures, who
    keep equanimity towards all and remain busy in the welfare of self and others
    and perform difficult penance are capable of removing the pain of all souls.
    I pray to keep the company of monks. May my mind remain always engrossed in
    their reverence. I should always concentrate for acting according to their
    conduct. I must not desire to grab other’s wealth or possess other women. I
    should always enjoy the nectar of satisfaction. Such acts should always by my
    I should not feel pride; should not show anger to any one and should not feel
    jealous with the success or well being of others. My behavior should be simple
    and true. I should render as much service to others in this life as possible. These
    are my only wishes.
    I seek to have friendly feelings towards all in this world. The flow of
    compassionate spring should always continue in my heart for those who are poor
    and needy. I should not have feelings of hatred of anguish toward those, who are
    cruel of uncivilized and are following the wrong path. I seek to have the feeling of
    equanimity of forgiveness towards them. I pray that this may become my

I seek to generate natural affectionate feelings towards virtuous persons. I
should feel happy by rendering service to such persons to the extent possible. I
should never be ungrateful to those who have helped me. I should not have any
feeling of revolt or revenge towards any one. I should always aspire to acquire
virtues and I should not look towards the faults of others. I pray to have such
I seek to continue to be on the true path even if I am abused or praised; get
material benefits or not; survive for lakhs of years or die even today or I am
frightened by some one or offered allurements.
I should not feel proud in success nor have any remorse in failures. My heart
should be so strong that I should remain firm and stable even under frightening
mountains, rivers or forests. I should be able to bear calmly the demise of the
affectionate ones or the company of undesirable ones. These are my wishes.
All living beings of this world should remain happy. Not one should get perturbed
form miseries. The entire world should always remain happy, devoid of enmity
sin and pride. Every house should reverberate with religious rituals. Sinful
activities should become difficult. All living beings should get success in their lives
by improving their knowledge and the conduct. Such is my wish.
There should not be any fear or calamity in this world. We should have rain at the
right time. The rulers should reign with religious fervor. There should not be any
spread of disease, epidemic, famine etc. All should continue to live peacefully.
The most virtuous creed of non-violence should spread in the whole world so that
all living beings are benefited. I have such a desire.
All living beings of the world should have increased affectionate feelings and
should not have sexual desires. No one should speak undesirable, harsh or
unpleasant words. All should aspire to become “Yugvir” and should remain
engaged in the upliftment of the country with true endeavor. I should be able to
face with equanimity all sort of calamities or pains by considering the real pure
nature of my soul. I have such a wish.

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Life after Chemotherapy

5th January 2012 was the last time I took my chemo. It was the 16th chemo that was given and there was one more to go, which i did not take and i chickened out after the 16th. Its been just over two years now that I had taken my last chemo and life after it has been a roller coaster ride. Its just a very different world for me after chemotherapy and this is precisely why I was prompted to write about the life after chemotherapy and all the things that I think no one talks about when they talk about chemotherapy. Life never remains the same after chemotherapy as they say but I think it can be better or worse depending on your mental status and the people who surround you.  I live in a very loud society, not by volume but by our behaviour. We like to announce to the world about what we are up to and show it off. Its got its disadvantages, people know what you are dping , what you are eating and when is your next chemo. Life after chemo in societies like this becomes even more difficult because then your reputation precedes you. People already know about your past and make assumptions on how to pity you. Even if you want to these kind of societies that we come from do not let you forget it. Moreover, the advise that you get from everyone around is also forced upon you. Just because you have taken a treatment of cancer, you are now everyone’s point of discussion when it comes to health and advise on a healthy life.
Here I am not only talking about the physical changes that your body goes through but also the social changes that a cancer patient goes through after chemotherapy. The social changes are the way people behave with you, the way they treat you, everything now comes down to taking care of your health. The thing is that everyone thinks that you can’t do anything and they start forcing there thoughts on to you. The physical changes that no one sees are the more important ones, these changes never let you forget chemotherapy and your past because they are everywhere. Everything in your body after chemotherapy becomes older than it should be. Your stamina goes for a toss, your taste buds act funny, eye sight goes weak …… A lot of stuff that would have happened to a young man twenty years from then would happen to him then. This is not seen by the society. They think that one should rest and take things easy, not do anything but rest and take care of health. Being a cancer patient, these thoughts never cross your mind, what crosses your mind is the fact that life is too short to sit at home and relax and that you want to do everything now. No one would appreciate it because they think you have a bad history and you are prone to more risks than anyone else. The thing about surviving cancer is that makes is very weak physically but it makes you very strong mentally. This mental will keeps you going and not everyone around appreciates these thoughts. A cancer survivor gets a second life and this life is not given for us to sit back and wait for the death to come but to live it properly. Being careful is good but being scared of doing things because it might kill you is not good. Chemotherapy teaches you how to deal with small problems that your body goes thru and cancer teaches you to fight out the mental hitches that exists.
As I was saying it’s been just over two years that I have completed my chemo and I am still recovering. Post chemo my life has been different, I have had the courage to quit my job, I have started travelling, I have fallen sick numerous number of times, lost almost half of my hair, still can’t taste half of the things I eat, teeth are still sensitive and the list goes on. What the past few years have taught me is not to be greedy, be satisfied, live for today and nothing is permanent.
Chemotherapy and cancer for me are two different things, one makes you stronger mentally but the other makes you weak physically. Chemotherapy is part of cancer but works against it. There would be no chemotherapy if there was no cancer but there is no cancer when chemotherapy exists.
For me life has far more meaning to it then before cancer. Life after chemo, how so ever different it may be, it still carries more meaning to it than before and how so ever difficult it may be, it still carries more satisfaction to it than before.

Life after chemotherapy is just not life it’s something else.

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Indian Girls

GIRLS; one of the best species created by GOD, they are beautiful, they are not dumb and I love them. They want to act smart and say they are as good as boys but inside they know what they are and I am sorry  but they can’t even compare themselves with boys. ( not that the boys are of any good but they are still better than girls)

Unfortunately, the society that we all live in is male dominant and this is a good enough reason for girls to accept the defeat, when I use the word defeat I am not running a competition here, I am just implying that boys are better and most of the girls in India know that. Boys are hardworking, smarter, taller, stronger,composed, self-dependent and the list goes on; all this compared to Indian girls. All the girls like to call a men who discriminates or tells them the truth a chauvinist, I am sorry but we are just telling the truth. I am struggling to find a reasons why girls think they can be better than boys, when GOD has himself made them weaker so that the they can be taken care of.
I am not trying to say that girls have been treated in the best way they should be but some of them by not doing anything get so much in life just because they look good or they have a stupid men behind them taking care of them.. That’s when all my problem starts. I am also not saying that only men have to suffer and women don’t but my problem is with the females who look good and know that they look good.. They are aware of this situation and the Indian girls are no where behind in taking advantage of this situation they very often find themselves in… Do nothing but become very successful in life when their are many men who knows it all but remains where he is because he does not look good or his place has been taken by a girl who knows nothing but looks good. This is a sorry state of affair that I have seen while i get more and more experienced with work and working with women. I still could digest this success of a few women who look good but know nothing only if they would accept the fact that they are what they because of there looks and not because of their brains (which doesn’t exist). Instead they become arrogant about it and think they have it all because they know what they are doing.. They need to be told the truth and most of them are so high on life and success and they don’t even wanna listen to someone if they tell them. This is the only reason for their short-lived success, if they had real brains, they could have taken advantage of the opportunities provided to them and instead of feeling good about it, made actual progress at there work place.

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Trip to Chhindwara on 15th August 2012

Sunday, August 19, 2012
10:41 AM

I was sitting ideal at home at 7.00pm and was trying to get someone to go out with me that night. Could not go to the gym that evening due to many reasons, one of them was my will to not go! The other petty reasons were: I did not have my car as it had gone for servicing, my dad’s car was parked at Dipak’s place and I had to go and pick that up, I wanted to go out with My gf for a coffee/shopping. The main reason was me being lazy………So I collected my car from Dipak’s place and while I was there I ate some vadas as always since I cannot resist them, yet another reason for me not going to the gym that night… I came back home and was about to take a rickshaw to the office where my other car was to be delivered from servicing and leave for Mantri Mall to meet My gf. Just before I was leaving, I had a minute or two to think about and I realised that 15th was a holiday for Independence day and I had nothing special planned accept that I would have gone to My Frens place and wasted my time yet again. I also got a couple of calls from my Dad asking me to come to chhindwara since it will be very difficult and expensive for the Policeman to come Bangalore to verify my details for Passport. So just like that I decided to leave for Chhindwara by car! Now there were two main reasons for me to leave by Car, one was that I had to send Dady’s car back any which way and the other one being, I did not have any tickets to go. Although the main reason being, I love driving and I wanted to try Skoda Fabia on a long run as well…..Even if it meant I had to drive all the way alone but then I love driving alone as long as I have good podcasts to listen to or a collection of very good songs that I could manage. So it was decided with that span of two minutes whilst I was at home getting ready to go to the office again to pick my other car up, that I will be leaving for Chhindwara tonight. I did not have to and want to hurry since I knew the earlier I left the worse it would be en-route to the Airport and subsequently to Hyderabad. I decided to take things one at a time so I first went to the office to pick the other car up and now I went by the other car instead of a rickshaw as initially intended since I did not have the time to look for an auto, anyway I went to the office, picked up the other car and asked the driver dropping my I20 to drop that car to my home in Jayanagar which he agreed to reluctantly hoping to get a tip for the day.. By now I had things more clear in my mind with regards to the trip that I will be starting in about an hour from then, I had planning going on about every small things in head. I was back at home at about 8.20pm and packed everything within the next fifteen minutes making sure I am not forgetting any thing I should not. I was ready to leave by 9.00 pm and this was the time I called my Mom to tell her to get down from the train Nagpur and not at Bangalore as I was coming by car to pick her up from there. I knew she wouldn’t mind but I dint tell this to my Dad as I was sure he would not let me come by car alone for obvious reasons (I wouldn’t let him). I made sure the house secure and gave a heads up to the guard at the door that I will be out for a couple of days so he should be careful with the maids and tell them not to come, in case of emergencies he has my number.. ..

I sat in my car, prepared to drive with the favourite podcasts from BBC ‘The Archers” and started my 1200 kms trip to chhindwara. Just after driving for 3 kms I thought I would give my sister a call and ask if she wants to come with to Hyderabad since she was planning to go there after her exams but she refused making excuses and I didn’t want to push her, I think she has changed too since she has never been more blunt and direct to me ever before but I felt good about it for some reason. I planned to see my girl friend before I left but I just could not take the time out for that and I knew it would be late for her to see me by the time I reached her place, so I did not insist and neither did she. I knew I had to get some diesel as my tank was almost empty and I wanted to stop at a good fuel station I could refill the air and water as well, I drove for 1 full hour that night to reach the Airport and it was one of the busiest night to the Airport that I had seen after a long time so I did not stop anywhere for the gas but I stopped right after the Airport. That was first stop if you call it that and I had not even counted the miles since I wanted to make it a zero when I re-fuelled but I think was around 45 kms/ one hour. I was enjoying driving the skoda already and listening to the podcast, I was lost somewhere, I wanted to drink coffee more because of fear to go to sleep than feeling sleepy but I did not get a chance and I did not want to stop yet again so early, I knew I had a long way ahead. The cars engine was making the sweetest sound a diesel engine could make I immediately realised why is this car selling despite of the pathetic service offered by Skoda, they have a good quality product to sell that would sell itself. I was already missing this car and was wondering why am I sending this back now. It was too late for a change of plan at this time so I kept appreciating the car and kept on driving. There was no rains, the whether was clear and so was the road. I governed my speed and did not cross 130 kms at any time, I did not feel like it for the first time. May be I was being careful or feeling matured with a will to drive safely. I did not stop until I had crossed another 200 kms and hyderabad was now 300 kms from where I was. I was hungry and tired. I stopped for the worst dinner of my trip at a dhabha with a lot of lights on it and ordered 2 butter Rotis with paneer butter masala. The rotis were not rotis they were Naan and that too were made of rubber, the butter paneer masala was solid rubber cut into pcs and soaked in liquid black curry that looked like blood to me, I didn’t care for the initial roti to end as the law of diminishing marginal utility kicked in and I left the other roti with half of the curry for the dhabha wala to serve to the next customer (I am sure this is what I got) asked for a strong coffee after dinner which was not strong in anyway but kept me going for another 20 minutes before I was feeling sleepy and I decided to take a power nap at one of the petrol pumps that looked safe and crowded. I did not know what time I would get up but I just put my feet up and slept at the steering wheel at 2.00 PM (I think it was then).

Day Two of the trip : 15th august 2012

I woke up at 6.00 AM sharp by the ringtone on my phone, it was my sister calling to find out where have I reached and I could just tell her to wait for me as I would reach at and around 9.00 AM. I started as it is and now I had approx 275 kms to cover in less then 3 hours, not that I was in a hurry but I like to maintain a speed otherwise I will never reach my destination and I was behind schedule at the moment.

I had to go freshen up and I was looking for a decent place I could use a toilet of, probably a CCD or same sort of a café, I kept looking and kept driving in the hope to see one soon enough, I did not realise that the roads were so good that I had covered almost 100 kms in the next one hour and it was only 175 kms left now to hyderabad and it was 7.00AM. At this speed I was hoping to reach hyderabad before 9.00 so I did not want to stop at all, not even for a coffee because that would mean answering the nature’s call as well that I had ignored or subsided somehow and was not feeling the urgent need of using the public toilet for some reason. So I kept driving and kept listening to the podcast as I have been doing all the way till here…. There was not a lot on the road side to look except the usual highway facilities and small villages passing by on the side. I could make out I was nearing hyderabad by the scorching sun on my wind shield that was now blocking my vision. It was 8.15 AM now and hyderabad was 50 kms away, I received another call from my brother in law asking me to take the ORR to his house and not go into the city, it did not take much time and worry to figure my way to his house and I was at his place at 9.00 AM in the morning of 15th August. I almost forgot it was the Independence day and the worst part was there was nothing to remind me of it in hyderabad or at his house. It was just another lazy day at his house, I expeted my aunt to be there and she was there at the door asking me about my where abouts and health and welcoming me, my sister; as I suspected was still fast asleep and I figured out her husband must be asleep too. I did not care about anything at that time and was looking to take a crap as soon as possible as the pressure was building that I could not hold in any longer, so I asked for a tissue roll from Bua, which was luckily left in there house from the last time I was there and I took the news paper and went to the favourite place of mine; The Shit Pot with a very high pressure, I was relieved with a welcoming force of down pour………I think, I will just leave the rest to your imaginations.

I was hungry and tired but could go to sleep, so I decided to eat but as usual at my sister’s as at my aunt’s place there is always no food and soon enough I realised why my brother in law was not there at home to meet and greet me as he had gone out grocery shopping behind me. I was too hungry and I just ate whatever there was, I think they served me POHA and some haldiram’s Bhujia for “Breakfast”. I asked for some Haldi ka Doodh to drink in the morning and did not have any tea or coffee since I wanted to sleep, soon My sister was out of her bedroom with her baby in her hands and all the eyes in the room were at the baby. She is cute and too small for me to pass any comment, so I will resist this time. We sat on the breakfast table talking about things and then shifted to the couch in the front of the TV continueing the formality and waiting to go off to sleep but I could not until I spoke about biryani and I asked my brother in law to order some biryani for lunch after the breakfast experience in the morning, I just wanted to be sure of a proper lunch. When I was sure that I am going get a good lunch, I immediately went off to sleep and woke up only at lunch hour waiting for the Biryani at the dining table. My brother in law was younger to me at school and he had affair with my little sister so he was always at a distance from me and that still carried on, he would give me a lot of respect more out of my seniority than my relation now since he is now my Brother in Law I am supposed to respect him and talk to him in a formal way, he did not make me feel like one and I felt good about that. We were just speaking about random stuff and realised that the only thing I can talk to him was about electronics, so blurted out what about the new samsung galaxy S 3, I dint know why but I did and it made the conversation a lot more interesting suddenly since I could make out that there was some thing that he could speak about and participate in other than family matters of My sister.

So I hogged on the dining table, with one of the worst biryani one could get but it was still Rice so I knew I could eat and go off to sleep and I did. I woke up only at 5.00 Pm and asked the “lazy family”, as I would like to refer to this one, if there is a recreation room where we could just get some fresh air before I started back on the road, luckily there was one and we could sweat it out on a TT table. While My sister and aunt played a game of carom lethargically and reluctantly. I was sweating like a pig, the way I ate and as soon as I came back I was hungry yet again, not having a lot of hopes in her’ house for a good meal, I decided to leave at that time and would eat on my way. Just when I decided to leave, I heard them having a pool dinner at there house and they wanted me to stay back, initially i did not want to stay back but then I thought this might be a gold mine of laughing stock for a month or so as there were 3 geeks with two dumb girls all in one room with different variety of food on the table to choose from. What else would I want from life and how could I resist… I stayed back and no one really cared at that time. I was busy replying to TW US as they had opened by then and I thought this will give me a chance to recharge my ipod for my journey ahead and give me a chance to reply to all the urgent emails from US. As I did that I waited for an invitation for food and for the geeks to turn up and check them out, I will not lie at this moment but that was the best time for me at there place. I don’t remember the exact time but I saw the first geek turn up in a bermuda and I had not expected more, he came in an attire that I would not even wear at home in front of my servant but than it’s the culture I guess with these IT guys, his name was Mayank if I remember it right and he said a sad ‘Hi’ and sat on the bean bag kept next to the couch. He was not talking at all and I was waiting for him to talk, that’s all I was bothered about.. What would he talk about and what these guys generally talk. He didn’t utter a word until prashant said something about his trip to US and they started talking about there trip and journey to US and when they will do it again in the future. Just when it was getting interesting the other geek turned in at the door with his family (his wife and mother in law) to be precise, by the looks of them I could make out they were from Mumbai or Delhi and there talks confirmed to me that they were from Mumbai. This one I think were called Karthik and family.. .. There were no etiquettes in this group and whatever I had learnt so far did not apply here.. It was like sitting with village people who were “literate” only with computers. They did not care if the lady was introduced to all the guests, whether the ladies in the room were sitting, it was strange for me to see a group of learned men behaving this way but then again, I could digest this after a while and I did.. I moved on with more interesting things that would happen in the next hour or so, I don’t even have the words to describe my experience in that one hour, only that this one hour made up for the stay at there place.

So I was hardly introduced to anyone of the guests, it was all left to ourselves to make acquaintances and I did get involved with them, talking about there friends getting into another company and other friends who didn’t get into some company. Honestly, when I think about writing what I heard, I really don’t know what to write for various reasons but the main ones being my inability understand what they were talking about. I really did not know what was being talked about between them that night, all I can understand is random words like Cognizent; microsoft; amazon and many other companies of the same league. All I can say was all my life I have been dreading people like this and here I am surrounded my geeks of first order, I mean there cannot be bigger geeks than these that I could have come across. Anyhow, I got to the dinner table where the food was laid and I hogged once again, I dint care who prepared it all I cared abt was that there was pav-bhaji and it was good so I ate yet again before going back to the geeks table to talk about more interesting stuff that I thought they would contribute to as well, like current affairs and the normal happenings around the country but all I could get out from them was a long silence and then back to some guys story who is thinking of joining another IT company as he has been placed through his campus interview. I just realised where I was ! I also saw that there was a woman there sitting right next to us talking to everyone but me and I just realised that I was not introduced to her, so I took the oppurtunity quickly when I found her standing alone for a minute and introduced myself to her, she was karthik’s wife from mumbai, and she was working with KPMG. Oh I thought to myself, there is one girl amongst them all who knows very little about IT and I could have a conversation with her, not realising that she is one of them as she into development of IT softwares for KPMG. I didn’t even know if something like that existed, she was a bigger geek. I wondered how my sister would get along with all these people and soon I got my answer to that too. She doesn’t get along she pleads ignorance on everything and talks like typical marwadi lady about the family and bollywood news. The only thing that was not about computers in there talks were the synopsis of our little tour to the club house earlier that night and mention of TT that we played.

All this made me happy, I was to leave their house soon and happier to know that I am not one of them

I did leave hyderabad at around 10 pm and drove to chhindwara by 6 am the next morning……. Chhindwara as usual brought a lot of memories and made me feel nostalgic !!!

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Chemo and Pregnancy: Similar, Aren’t they ???

It’s just something that I personally felt about chemotherapy that I would like to compare with the lady in my office who was pregnant. It’s been more than a couple of years that I was under treatment for cancer and was taking chemotherapy. As it’s a fact that chemo has a lot of side effect and makes ones body weak to the point it breaks. It was the same with me but there is a time when the mind overpowers your body and makes you stronger to accept the weakness and carry on with your life. It was the same time when I started going to the office after taking my chemo sessions. I was in a bad state- puking, sleepy, fatigued and the list goes on ………
To my surprise, I was welcomed with a lot enthusiasm and love and care at the office. There was a girl who worked along side me who was the same age as myself and she was pregnant. I spent the day trying to overcome my daily problems and ignoring them by talking to the staff in the office. When I did that, I realised that the pregnant lady in the office has exactly the same problems as I do but in a smaller scale.
This prompted me to actually sit down and make a small comparison of the side effects, two people with different problems – cancer and pregnancy (pardon me for calling pregnancy a problem ) go through and the results shocked me so I am jotting it below.
It just seems so strange that the human body takes same kind of problems in two ways just because of the results expected out of it at the end.

Side effects of PREGNANCY:
Back ache
Tummy (belly); weight gain
Mood swings
Loss of appetite
Irritation and anger
Loss of basic senses like taste, smell sight.
Side effects of CHEMOTHERAPY:
A lot Nausea
Back ache: depends on your lifestyle.
Tummy (belly); weight gain, since one is unable to exercise and made to eat more
Mood swings : because of all the meds in your body
Loss of appetite : can’t eat, punish feel
Irritation and anger: part of mood swings.
Fatigue: all day long.
Loss of basic senses like taste, smell sight.

I can go on with the list however these are the basic effects of both the diseases or cures and only the extent of each differs from each other. The level type of problems remain the same. I would like make a bold statement by saying that Chemotherapy is not that bad as it is made to sound whereas pregnancy is not that easy as it is made to sound. So, I take this opportunity to let the pregnant ladies know that they are going through a tough time now (even tough they chose it) but this time will be over soon and they will have a baby not before long, at the end of it all. So please cheer up and not be upset about the health issues as they will fetch you a baby at the end which will make it all a worth while.
To all the cancer patients who are taking chemo and going through this ordeal, kudos to you all and just like pregnancy, this will end soon and as a cancer survivor, I can promise you that the life will become the better then before. So that’s the thing to look forward to, best of luck to you all and wish you don’t loose hope because hope is a big thing that we underestimate. ……
Best of luck.

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Indian hotels not for Indians

The idea of writing something about this popped into my head after travelling fulltime for just two months and realising the discrimination taking place against the Indian tourists in india by the hotels in india. Whether it be a lodge or a restaurant or a hotel, the first thing that comes to mind is hospitality and it has become a very big industry now. India is supposed to be a very hospitable country and a country of people who feel proud to welcome guests and treat them as gods if not less. This is true to some extent when we are talking about small villages and towns in India and people welcoming guests with pride in there houses however from my personal experience I find it very unfortunate that the staff working in the best of best hotels in India lack a common courtesy of being polite to there guests, if the guest is an Indian. It clearly shows there motive to earn a tip and if that’s not something they will reap out of a conversation they will probably not have a conversation with you. My point here is the way Indian guests are treated by the staff of Indian hotels is saddening to me. Since we as Indians feel proud in calling ourselves great hosts, I always thought that the people in general have this habit of talking nicely to strangers inculcated within themselves but I was wrong. Lately I have taken up travelling in India and the way of my travel is simple and not high class as it always has been. This way it gives me a chance to relate with the locals and get a sense of there culture and real life that they live in. One of the things that I have realised has changed dramatically is the attitude of Indian staff at the hotels if you are a middle class or lower. It is just appalling  to say the least, they talk to you as if you are working for them and that you are not welcome in the hotel they work for. Its just something I am struggling to explain so I will put it in a simpler way. They discriminate you with the rich western travellers and judge by the colour of your skin. I have always travelled with a white skinned folk along with me or on my company’s account where the treatment has always been very nice and I always thought that it’s because Indians are welcoming and generally nice people. I was wrong and I saw the difference when I travelled alone in this country. If you are not coming in a big car or if you dont know anyone at the govt office the staff of almost all the hotels treats you rudely, the way we would not even want to talk to our domestic help.
Its one or two instances that I have noted this. I am now on a hunt for a hotel with staff that is polite to ALL its guests regardless of the colour of there skin, the size of the car they get down from or the way they are dressed. I have been travelling continuously since last one month and I am yet to find one. I am now wondering if I will ever find one. If you think there is a hotel that I should visit please leave your comment and I will find sometime to visit it and experience the real hospitality that we Indians are known for, until then I am looking for the staff of a hotel that is helpful and polite without expecting me to tip them.

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Shekhawati – 10 & 11 march

I started this journey after reading about this place in lonely planet and talking to local people that I could cone across in jaipur that are from this region.
It was decided that I will have two days to complete this part or region of Rajasthan and that this is close to Sikar so I may be able to get a lift to sikar with my uncle who works there.
So all was set and as Monday came I woke up at 645 scared that I might be late after the hectic day before and my will to stay in the bed for a longer period. I was ready by 730 as the breakfast was served on the table and waited until 8 before I got on to my ride to sikar. I was told that we will take another guys car to sikar as he cannot drive his own car. This almost grabbed my attention immediately as something I could not have ignored even if I wanted to. And as I met this guy who was supposed to be my uncles boss my curiosity towards him grew even more. He was a small guy with a belly and dark complexion. Very loud as most of Jaipur Wala are and not that soft spoken as opposed to the Jaipur culture. His attitude was different and my first insight of the kind of people I was about to meet. He left no opportunities to prove that he is the boss and that we were riding in his car. He spoke what he wanted to talk about and showed some arrogance towards anything else. Straight away I could feel my uncles dominance being taken over by his boss in the car. I knew I should keep quite as much as I can and only spoke when I was spoken to.
He was ordering my uncle about his day to day affairs and checking on his last weeks business. He had an opinion about everything and of course a different one. I soon knew why he was different in his attitude compared to the others and it was because he came from sikar. I observed that sikar was not very tourist friendly place as compared to the rest of Rajasthan I had seen until then and all the people would only respect you or Care for you if you knew someone.
Anyway I reached sikar in the car by 1100 am which was a decent time for me to travel ahead to mandawa which is where I arranged a room by my brother in law who is Rajput and was a good Fren of the Thakur saabs son in Mandawa. While in the car to sikar we saw some people walking with band to a fare and these people were served drinks and snacks by the local villagers. My uncles boss looked at them and was not very pleased with them at the first instance but I think as his hunger grew his appreciation grew to the free food and he rudely asked my uncle to stop the car at every signal or a crossing to take the eateries and eat them until his stomach was full. He was weird character with very weird habits and I hoped not to see anymore of him again.
I headed to the bus stand to catch a bus to mandawa after leaving my uncles small insurance ofice and soon could feel the cold people of sikar who were not helpful at all. I realised that there is no direct bus to Mandawa from sikar but I could either go to mukundgarh or nawalgarh to catch a connection to Mandawa from there. I decided to take the nawalgarh route as I could see the famous museum of Mr poddar in naealgarh. I reached nawalgarh in any an hour and looked for the museum. At around 1130 I reached the museum and looked at the first and most beautiful haveli of my life. I got a guide along with my ticket who showed me and three British students, the havelis room. It had beautiful colours painted on the walls depicting there trade, transportation and a lot traditional values that prevailed in the olden times. It had a separate bedrooms now converted into rooms with olden times arts, that were on display now. From pagadi room to the old pictures room to the room with old jewellery and several other rooms. This museum was supposed to be the best haveli in shekhawati region and I can now say that it is. Its a must see place should you find havelis of any interest.

I was also told that there are few more haveli around that I may visit but soon I realised that they are all the same. So I skipped the havelis and carried on my trip to Mandawa where I was told that I will be staying the castle of Mandawa that is owned by the Thakur Saab of Mandawa. I reached Mandawa by plying on to a private local bus which took half an hour more than the usual bus would but I was not in a hurry so I reached the castle at 430 and checked in the room that was booked for me. The hotel itself was a fort with a lot to see in it and was full of Russian and Europeans. It had numerous rooms all of them were done in proper rajputana (shekhawati) style. I checked into my room and after getting fresh asked for a tour of the fort at the reception who were most glad to show me the hotel that was indeed the fort. I got a guide from the front gate to show me around the small town of Mandawa which had numerous havelis and each of them were famous for there uniqueness in there own way. Few had been done back to the present times and some were untouched from there olden times. They were almost the same in style and architecture and paintings done on the wall depicted the culture prevailing at time. The paintings were the main feature of the havelis with very loud colours made of vegetable mixed with plaster while construction and this art is called


I was back at the hotel just before the sunset to grab a relaxing beer at the cafe. There was nothing much that was left to be seen and so I waited for the owner of the hotel for dinner and some talks abt the shekhawati and Rajputs around. I had an early night after the long tiring bus rides and walk around the town visiting havelis.

It was 630 in the morning when I woke up and was ready for breakfast at 730 at the common dining hall.


I was called at the cafe by the owner at 8 in the morning who invited me to join the horse safari with the Russian group he had as guests. It sounded interesting to me and I said a yes immediately. I was then introduced to a couple of people. One was an Indian and the other a Russian. The Russian lady was friendly and made friends with me as soon as I met her. She was a photographer by choice but only clicked pictures of horses and so I got the reason for her presence in the horse safari. She also acted as a translator for the other Russians who could not speak or understand English. The other person I was introduced had a shabby look wore a red colour XL polo shirt with an angry look on his face a loose jeans hanging on the tyre around his waist. He was the son of the king of Mandawa’s brother. He had a distinct angry look on his face was not ready to talk to anyone and would only speak to the foreigners in a very bad manner if I can put it politely. I merely said hello to him and carried on my talk with my new Russian friend. We were soon transferred to an imported SUV and all was set. We were to leave for another hotel to pick up the rest of Russians and also spend some time with the horses. We drove very swiftly to our next destination that was the hotel where the Russian stayed and we spend some time with the mares in that hotel. It had a stable behind and what a sight it was. Full of mares and swans and a couple of peacocks dancing around. Dust blowing all over the place, giving it the feel if authentic Rajasthani village which it was.
I have done horse number of times before but this time i got close to the horses like never before. They are different animals for me, they are huge but with a very sensitive mind. I got close each horse felt there breath and tried feel what they are saying. They speak with there eyes and these mares were just amazingly strong and breathtaking. They were all Marwari breed of horses , supposed to be the best breed around. The horses were left open on the field and all of them let go of themself when the gates were opened. They ran round and round around the field as if celebrating there short lived freedom or showing off there beautiful muscular figure that they had attained after a lifetime of discipline and hard work done by there owners. Soon the guests were allowed to spend time with these horses and to my surprise these guests were behaving as if they have met before with these creature and they already knew what’s going on. Soon I realised the reason for it. It was because they had taken there horses for a ride the day before when I had not arrived so they already knew the protocol each morning and were developing a relation with there individual mares. There were no horses in the safari, all were mares, probably because male dont work properly in presence of a female just like the human beings. After spending a little time with there horses the horses were made ready by the helpers around by cleaning them and massaging them as a way to show respect to them and them mounting the saddle onto each one of them, to make them look like a piece of art. They were just outstanding. Each one of them. Whether it was TARA the mother 12 years or her daughter chanda just in her adolescence. Or be it calm mangla or the swift devika. All of them were looking just queens on there own. The riders mounted each one of them and we started to ride them till it was the time for lunch by then it was 130 in the afternoon and I was told that we are late than usual. The horses were sweating so they were allowed a bit of the shade under some small bushes that we could find near a small town and all of us had lunch. The helpers prepared the food for the horses while we got a masseuse around to quickly do a round of massage all the riders. All the guests were quite in there own way and spoke when they were spoken to. The horses were fed and they rested for another hour before they were being prepared with the saddle for the ride ahead. This time it was an easier way back as we could canter the horses. It was about 4 in the evening that we headed back and reached the desert resort at around 6 pm. We were served with tea and snacks and I was shown the stable, this time a different one. This stable also had amazing mares but what caught my eye was the white and black marwari horse. He was named RAJKUMAR and what a horse. He was let loose on my request and as soon as he was without the leash he started running around the ground showing himself off to all the mares around and why should he not have. He was just so smart and mascular. I wanted to ride it but did not bother asking as it was quite late in the evening and I had to catch a bus back to Jaipur
They insisted on me staying back the night but I had had enough favours already and I had a reason to head back to Jaipur. I was dropped at the nearest bus stop that was a small town called mukundgarh and I caught a bus/truck back to Jaipur to reach at 1130 pm, just in time.

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Day at the Passport office

I started my day on the 9th of July at 7 in the morning. Woke up early and woke my dad too. Got ready and went out for a small walk/coffee on the raod till my dad was trying to get ready. Came back and left early to the passport office with out breakfast since I didn’t wanna be late for my appointment on stand in the line. Was there at 8 30 am only to realize that the office does not open till 10 am so I decided to get a notarized affidavit that was required by the passport office for a damaged passport and it had to be made in MP (before u start telling abt getting that done in blr in advance) anyway, I went to the public notary’s office from there to realise that they also don’t open till 10. So I thgt we will have something to eat but with dady around I couldn’t have possibly eatan just anything so I had to look for a good place to eat which would all start at 10 am (what a surprise). So got him a pack of biscuits as he had not eaten anything the night before and would not eat any where crappy. So not the kind of start I was expecting out of the day.
Next I kept telling myself to have patience and so went back to the passport office with a ray of light and a hope that things will get better from here only to see the contrary at the onset. I asked the guard if I could go upstairs and wait and the same guard who told me that it opens at 10 am acted as if I am a stranger and I should not be there. Only pointing me towards a group of young and middle aged guys standing on a bike chatting and smoking with a couple of tea glasses in there hands. Anyway, not in too much detail, so I asked them abt the passport office and they asked me a set of questions before coming to a conclusion that I am at the wrong address and place for what I was looking for. This was the first time I heard the name DB mall and came to know if there was another passport office that I could have gone to. I only always thought that there existed only one passport office in bhopal. I was a bit confused not mention taken aback at the turn of events but I persisted with this office considering that these guys knew nothing or a little too much. So I climbed up two and the third set of stairs to reach where I thgt I would be for the some hours and when I come out, I will all be with a new passport. Then I saw the state of this building and was appalled with it, I welcomed myself to MP and compared it with bihar and gangs of wasseypur. Things could have been worse I said to my self and kept looking around as that was the only thing I could do at this time and saw some empty benches (dirty) only to my relief. Walked straight to those benches and prepared to make it my fort for a while and just when I was abt to do it saw a Cat rounded in itself sleeping on the next bench. The stench of it made me nauseatic straight away and I kept my bag on the bench where I was to put my butt and walked to my dad to tell him abt the cat. He smiled and said nothing. I kept quite too but only for a minute .So I kept kept quite for a while before I saw some disgusting walls with gutkha spits all over it, so much and many that I (a color blind) person could make out the difference between the wall painting and the gutkha spits on it. It was beyond disgust. There were no lights nothing was working and I kept asking the guard whether I could meet the PRO madam Vaghela and he kept telling me a different time everytime I asked him, so I stopped asking and waited for 10 am when it opened, all those guys who were standing downstairs in group having chai and smoking came up one by one just like those babus in typical indian govet offices and thgt of themselves as the great rulers of their own tiny kingdom and looked at people waiting for them as their praja and with that arrogance walked into the office where there was no electricity even now. It was like an abundant place where population used to reside. They all went in one by one and suddenly a sahab came out and without saying anything went in to another office where the lights worked. Everyone waiting there formed a queue in front of that office and I again thgt they are all stupid and dint bother to queue, I was left last and my dad lost all his patience and stood last in that queue. I thgt this is not right when I have an appointment why queue ? So I asked the guard again who starting pitying me by now. He smiled and said ” abhi madam bahar aayengi us office mein jaane ke liye, tab tum unhe pakad leba aur jo poochna hain pooch lena” I had something to wait for and look forward to now. So with all excitement I waited for that madam to come out and she was like a queen bee, all the people who were particular abt there space in the queue left it all vacant and hovered around her asking some or the other question. She was bigger than the queen bee at that time and she replied at her leisure and chose her questions. My Dad took the oppurtunity to be in front of the queue and I was hovering around the BEE.
Waiting to ask my question, I shouted and could hear a thing but then my plea was heard in the bee – court and I was thankful to someone I don’t know who. I asked her abt my damaged passport and the urgency of me going to US for (treatment) I know I know. …… She replied as if I am asking such an obvious question: what am I doing here ? I should be at the DB mall with an ARN number and an appointment time and date. Made sense to me in my head and I said to her ‘ I have all of it’ she said then go to DB mall and that she can’t do anything here. All was lost , I called my dad out of the queue and told him that we need to go to a place called DB mall. He looked at me and said let’s go then. What are we waiting for ? I knew I had lost the whole day or probably this trip is a failure. I went down those disgusting stairs abusing all the MP walas and the Govt of india and saying stuff abt everyone who I saw in front of dad and he knew I am upset. We asked for an auto to DB mall and kept silent all the way to this mall. This was a whole new mall like orion mall and we went to the PSK at second floor. I was hungry like anything but I was waiting for the interview call at 1215 pm. I was at the entrance and there were a couple of young guy hired by TCS on this gate answering people’s queries and I asked out of turn playing my cancer card once more. This guy was a young fellow and he took all questions with an immediate response. As if he knew what was coming. I was told that the application I have filled is in old format and I need to fill in a new application online and book a new appointment. I had to take another date and come back again. By now I was tired of all this and came out on the balcony to say to my dad that ” I have come here for a purpose and I am not going back without it. I will do what is required but I am not going back to come back again. I went back in and asked the same fellow that I am not going back and I convinced him to take me in at the time assigned to me. This was my first victory but he said I will still need to fill in an online new form with all the details and get an ARN number but should not take an appointment. The same appointment given to me would be valid. I got the point. It was 11 15 am and I had one hour to fill in the form get all the docs ready and take print out. I took out the laptop, powered it on told my dad to hold it and filled int he form write there on the balcony standing using tata photon. The guards smiled at me and became frens, I finished this in fifteen minutes, got the ARN # but they asked me for a printout. I had no time to go out to a printer and these guys dint have a printer. I remembered I am in a mall. I went to the first shop I saw : Samsonite, requested the guy there for an urgent printout and he said okay as long as I have it on hard drive. I didn’t have it on a flash drive, it had to printed from the online portal directly to the printer. I was done and I still had 15 minutes for my interview so i decided to eat. I asked the food court guys: what’s there to eat and they had nothing but idlies ready so I had a couple of them and my dad some juice and ruched at the counter at the scheduled time for my interview. I was allowed inside. For the first time.
So I went in, this office was more like a private offices that I have seen bangalore. Everything written everywhere and nothing had to be asked but there was a lot of rush so I waited my turn for the interview and before they could let me in through the reception, they checked my documents and said that the annexure that I had prepared and got notrised this morning was incorrect and not in the right format. So I needed to get it corrected and that had to provide a proof of address in chhindwara, other than DL. I had nothing but an old bank statement from Hdfc bank from 2010. This had my adress but was not sealed and signed so this lady told me to come back with the corrected docs some other time but I wanted to get these things done today. So I asked her if I could come back today and resubmit them with a smile. She laughed and said yes as long as it is before 4 pm and I knew that smile was sarcastic as she dint believe I will be able to get these docs before 4 pm today but I was determined. I came out with a mission by now my dad had some help. His fren Mr Sapre had come with a car, I told them that I will go to the bank you go to the court and get a notrised affadavit typed. I will finish my work at bank and come to the court to sign the affadavit. Thwy agreed and went to the court while I started searching for an hdfc bank branch. I walked for a kms asking it and there was a branch. I entered it and immediately knew I have to be really nice to these guys if I had to get anything done. I made frens with the receptionist and asked her where she was from and stuff. She was from pachmadi, close to chhindwara and I flirted with her a little before I came to the point. I asked her for a statement, she printed it and I saw the address on it was tw metals, bangalore’s I thought this is it, I can’t do anything abt this now. But her system hung for some reason and before she could complete the printing she had nothing but to flirt back with me. Her system was restarting.
When I was chatting she asked me a lot of questions and I told her why I required the statement and since address is not write, I will have to go back to chhindwara for a proof o address but I still asked her to seal and sign the old statement and she said its not valid anymore but she would still sign and seal it since I was requesting. She did it and even though I dint wanna leave the bank, I had to leave for the court. I was worried abt the proof of address. I said I will still try with the new statement and fight for the reason for the proof of address required if asked. So I went to the court. My dad was looking tired and I told him to take a seat and I took over.
So taking this further, I then took the typewriter from the notary who dint know how to type at all and typed the whole affadavit myself. It took me a lot of time to realise I am in the distt courts of bhopal; the capital of MP. It was so busy that I had to literally drag my bag along everywhere which weighs approx 15 kilos. The affidavit was complete and as I was going to get this stamped and signed. My dad told me it was wrong
I had to re-type the darn thing again, did it all over again, while I told my dad to go and get me a couple more stamp papers. He had gone for a while now when I started to get worried and followed him and realised that he is not moving with the stamp papers in hand. I knew something was wrong still dint wanna confront it at that time. I asked him and he said nothing. I think he was not well, probably very tired or hungry. I told him to sit and have a cup of coffee with his fren while I sorted all these papers out. It took me half an hour more to get a couple more affidavits typed and sealed and signed. it 2pm and the car from chhindwara had also come went in again with the documents finally and they said we will not take u since the staff had changed and they didn’t know I had been sent back for correct docs, I persisted and waited behind……

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South Indians & Racism

There must have been a lot of comparisons and experiences made between south Indians and North Indians up till now and I thought I would add to them. First let me start with the fact that being an Indian, I am ashamed to make this distinction between two parts of the same country but the truth cannot be averted or hidden it’s a fact that these two parts of the country act like two different countries. I have had this chance to live in both these ‘countries’, we go out to other countries and talk about racism; are we not doing the same at home ? If you ever get a chance to live in the southern part of India, you will experience what racism is. We talk about westerners being rude to us when we go to their country probably because of the different color, different language, different accent, different culture and different thoughts but its easy to say that they are racist and blame them, but looking further into ourselves and our Indian culture, I think we are the biggest racists that there can be. In south India, where most of the people eat, look, talk and sleep differently from the rest of the world lies the biggest amount of Racism that one can imagine. I say they are different in all these aspects from the rest of the world because the food they eat can’t be found in any part of this world, the way they look can only be compared to early development of human existence, the way they talk is some kind of sound to everyone’s ears so one can imagine they must sleep in a different way than the rest of the world. Oh I think I got carried away with the south Indians….. coming back to the point that I was trying to make about Racism that happens in south India. If you happen to come to South India and you talk to anyone here, they will ignore you as if you have landed from another world just because you are a touch lighter than they are. They will start blubbering in their own language as if everyone should know what they are talking about and in what language (which I must say here sounds like an engine that is struggling to start). You tell them that you don’t know what they are talking about they would very conveniently ignore you and work on that engine. This is the first impression one would get when they land in South India, so an outsider has to learn their language, even if he learns their language, they would still discriminate you with color which fortunately for them can’t be changed so no one can mix in the South Indian culture, no matter how good you speak. Next thing that anyone would notice is the food that they prepare; everything with rice, the only good thing that they have managed to come up with rice is boiled rice and idly and because every north Indian eats that no south Indian likes to eat it even though they have “invented” it. If they hate outsiders (North Indians) so much why do I see them holding flags of our country and voting them for the general elections. They should have their own country with their own flag, Oh, did I say flag, I am sorry.. they (Karnataka) have one already. So half way there.. whats the use of our Indian flag… I am sure they don’t even know what the National Flag stands for.. they are so into themselves that they forget they belong to a nation called India and there is no Visa required to travel/work/live/study across the nation. Then why this kind of discrimination is carried out with fellow countrymen in the southern part of it… As I said before, I have lived in Northern part as well and believe me if a man does not know hindi and tries to speak in other language, they actually try to learn his language to help him communicate not ignore him. I have tried a lot to understand why do south indian behave like this but given up. I am sure there are many ways the North Indians are bad as well and they ought to be, after all they are human and but they know they are not GOD to discriminate against anyone.

I have a lot more things to say about how south Indians behave but I do not know how to put them all together so it makes some sense. I will try again later with another topic in mind.. the only thing I want to end this with is : PLEASE START MIXING WITH REST OF INDIA BEFORE TRYING TO GO TO USA AND MIX WITH THEM.